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Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects is a prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Dust extraction System, Dust Extraction Machine in Pune, Maharashtra, Coimbatore, Telangana, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nashik, Kolhapur, Karnataka, Belgaum, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, India.

Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects offer high-quality industrial dust extractor systems in India for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. As a leading dust extraction system manufacturers, we also offer Dust Extractors, Dust Collector System, Dust Collector Machine, Industrial Dust Extraction System, Industrial Dust Collector, Dust/fume Extraction System, Dust Control System, Multi Cyclone Dust Collector System, and Dust Extraction System Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

We are the top multi cyclone dust extraction system supplier in the market, and we provide high-quality Dust collecting machine products at competitive costs. We have a large staff of skilled individuals available to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Our industrial dust extraction system and industrial dust collection system's

Leading Dust Extraction System Manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra, India

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of dust extraction systems in Pune, India. We specialize in providing complete solutions to improve workplace cleanliness and safety. Our range includes industrial dust collectors. They are efficient machines for extracting dust. We also have advanced multi-cyclone dust collector systems. They are designed for optimal dust control. You might need a compact dust control system. Or, you might need a powerful industrial dust/fume extraction system. Our products meet strict environmental standards.

They also work for many industrial uses. We are committed to innovation and quality. We make sure each dust extraction system is reliable. They help businesses obey regulations and create healthier workspaces. Contact us today to see our dust extraction solutions. Find out why we are trusted partners for dust management solutions in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Key Features/Characteristics of Dust Extraction System:

The Dust Extractor Machine, System is a machine that collects dust and debris from the air.

These systems characteristics are as follows: -

As the leading Industrial Dust extractor system exporters, we provide Extraction Systems and Dust Extraction Systems at the Lowest Prices in India.


Brand Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects
Business Type Manufacturing, Supplying, Exporting
Material SS/Stainless Steel
Application or Usage Industrial Dust Collection, Air Pollution Control
Bag Type Cartridge, Pleated, Non-Woven Polyester, Oil & Water repellent, Anti-static, Fiberglass
Country Of Origin India
Automation Grade Automatic
Cleaning Mode Reverse Jet, Pulse Jet, Cyclone
Airflow Adjustable Yes
Color As per client requirement
Frequency 50-60 HZ

We work in the following industries:

Construction, automotive, mining, manufacturing, warehouse, and so on.

In many different industries, dust extraction systems are vital because they provide a complete solution to reduce the negative effects of airborne particles. These systems are essential for preserving a dust-free and secure workplace because they effectively collect and eliminate the dust produced by manufacturing operations. Dust extraction systems are necessary in woodworking shops to manage the wood dust created during operations such as shaping, sanding, and cutting. These systems improve worker safety, lower respiratory hazards, and create a healthier work environment by removal of airborne particles. Dust extraction systems help manufacturing facilities, especially those which handle bulk materials or work with metal, control the tiny particulate matter that is created during operations. These devices not only protect employees' health but also keep flammable dust from building up, reducing the risk of fire.

Why Choose Us as Leading Dust Extraction System Manufacturers in Pune?

  • Excellence in manufacturing dust extraction systems from Pune, India.
  • Specialization in industrial dust collectors and advanced multi-cyclone dust collector systems.
  • Designed for optimal dust control and enhanced workplace cleanliness.
  • Products meet rigorous environmental standards.
  • Solutions cater to diverse industrial applications.
  • Commitment to innovation, quality, and reliable performance.
  • Customizable options to meet specific business needs.
  • Help businesses achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Trusted leaders in effective dust management solutions.

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