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Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects India Pvt Ltd. offers an extensive range of India pune mumbai hyderabad to protect men working in the manufacturing plants from hazardous gases and fumes.Fume Extraction System Manufacturers/Suppliers/Exporters in India Pune mumbai hyderabad is installed to confine the fumes and unburnt particles of material, which are generated during melting and other industrial processes. Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects India pvt Ltd offers technically advanced highly efficient, custom made systems to suit specific industrial applications and satisfies the requirement of all the Pollution Control Boards across India pune mumbai hyderabad and abroad. The system generally consists of suction hoods with articulated arm and also customized hoods required at. Centrifugal ID fan is also provided as a part of the Fume Extraction System Manufacturers/Suppliers/Exporters in India Pune mumbai hyderabad(FES).

Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects India fume extraction systems consist of three basic parts: a capture point where fumes are captured, an airflow source to pull fumes through the system, and a filter system to remove the pollutants. FUME CAPTURE is the most efficient Fume Extraction systems remove the fumes as close as possible to their source. The best way to accomplish this is always dictated by the type of work being done: For tasks involving a small work area, such as hand soldering, the collection point can be situated extremely close to the source of the fumes, almost at the tip of the soldering iron. This is called Tip Extraction. For tasks that involve a larger working area, a higher volume Ffume Extraction in India pune mumbai hyderabad method must be used, consisting of hood or nozzle situated over the source of the fumes. This is called Volume Extraction. AIRFLOW SOURCE the airflow source for Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects India pune mumbai hyderabad Fume Extraction System Manufacturers/Suppliers/Exporters in India Pune mumbai hyderabad are centrifugal blowers. These blowers provide the required vacuum and airflow to draw the unhealthy fumes through the filtration system and exhaust the clean air. FILTER SYSTEM Depending on the type of application, our fume extraction system uses specially designed cartridge filter(s). These filters intake the fume and post filtration exhaust clean air.

  1. Range of Industries
  2. Compact Design
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Powder CoatedVersatile / Mobile
  5. High Efficiency
  6. Large caster wheels for ease of movement

We are Fume Extraction System Manufacturers/Suppliers/Exporters in India pune mumbai hyderabad. Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects has earned a position in the field of manufacturing, selling, and exporting of top-notch Engineering Equipment because to our extensive industry knowledge and commitment to providing the best products possible for our clients. We even deal with ventilation, dust control, and material handling systems. We export our high-quality goods all over the world.

These engineering items are created in accordance with both national and international quality standards. Our engineering tools provide optimal efficiency while boosting client businesses across a range of industries. These technical devices are simple to use and need little upkeep.

Fume Extraction Systems (FES) are pieces of air pollution control equipment used to remove emissions of fugitive fume gases, smoke, and dust that are dangerous and bad for the environment and human health.

We are Fume Extraction System manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Mumbai. In order to deliver clean air into the environment and provide a dust-free working environment, the fumes containing dust at high temperatures coming from furnaces are caught by specially constructed suction hoods (swivelling type and side draught hoods). Temperature reduction using an air-to-air forced draught heat exchanger, a water-cooled duct, or a water quencher are all acceptable treatments. The apparatus known as a spark arrestor is used to capture sparks from the fumes. By generating turbulence, this serves the primary aim of rupturing the thermal envelope surrounding the spark. This is made possible by fixed directed vanes inside the spark arrestor that allow the laminar flow to be broken and convert the spark within the flow into dust or ash, which is then collected in the bottom hopper. Spark arrestors reduce the amount of dust in the bag house by serving as a pre-separator and pre-dust collector.

Our unique systems can be used to meet Indian and international emission standards. Our clean air solutions are made to order, simple to use, and planned according to the site layout to accommodate various uses.

Brand Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects
Material PTFE, SS, MS
Power Source Electric
Automation Grade Automatic
Airflow 12000-70000m3/H
Voltage 110/220 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Nature Of Business Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters

To safeguard employees working in manufacturing plants from dangerous gases and fumes, Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects offers a wide variety of fume extraction systems. The FES is set up to contain the gases and unburned material particles produced during melting and other industrial processes. In order to fit particular industrial applications, We delivers technologically sophisticated, highly effective, tailored systems. These systems also meet the requirements of all Pollution Control Boards in Mumbai and overseas. Suction hoods with articulated arms and also specially designed hoods are typically part of the system. The Fume Extraction System additionally includes a centrifugal ID fan (FES).

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