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Cement Silo Manufacturers in Mumbai, Cement Silo Suppliers in Mumbai, Cement Silo Exporters in Mumbai

We are Cement Silo Manufacturers in Mumbai & Cement Silo Suppliers, Exporters in Mumbai.

Cement Silo Provider in Mumbai:

Our ‘MAHALAXMI ENGINEERING PROJECTS’ company is the leading Cement Silo Manufacturers in Mumbai, Cement Silo Suppliers in Mumbai, Cement Silo Exporters in Mumbai. We provides the quality products available in a wider range of varying dimensions and sizes making them suitable for various construction sites to perform their specific tasks. Our Cement Silo manufacturer company in Mumbai produces all the possible types of different silos given as-

  • Tower Silo
  • Silage Piles
  • Bag Silo
  • Bunker Silo, etc.

  • to be chosen by our clients as per their requirements.

    What is Cement Silo?

    CEMENT SILO is a type of storage that is used for storing dry and bulk amounts of cement. These silos are the containers for on site storage engineered for storing and distributing a variety of cement and concrete mixtures.

    They can be permanent structures as well as portable models which can easily be relocated and moved whenever necessary.


  • Prefabricated Structured
  • Quality Raw Material
  • Relative Capacity
  • Safety Valve
  • Level Indicator
  • Attached Filter
  • Withstand in Adverse Conditions
  • Rugged Construction
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    Specification :

    Brand/Company Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects
    Nature Of Business Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters
    Model/Type Silo - 100 Tones
    Size/Dimension 3400 mm
    Country of Origin Made in Mumbai
    Thickness 5-6 mm
    Capacity 100 Tones

    MAHALAXMI ENGINEERING PROJECTS manufactures different sizes and types of cement silos from 50 to 3.000 tonnes storage capacity. Cement silos manufacturers are used not only in concrete plants but also they are used for independent purposes such as cement terminals, cement factories and limestone powder stocking projects. Welded and bolted type cement silos from MAHALAXMI ENGINEERING PROJECTS . From 50 to 3.000 tonnes capacity. Strong body and high strength against any circumstances.

    MAHALAXMI ENGINEERING PROJECTS is the most experienced company that manufactures high volumes of cement silos such as 500, 1000, 2000 and 3.000 tonnes very frequently. In addition to our common designs, our company also designs and customized manufacturers & suppliers of cement silos with special sizes of diameter and height.

    Both welded and bolted cement silos with a capacity of up to 100 tonnes can be built. Cement silos with a capacity more than 100 tonnes are often manufactured as bolted types. The silos' bolted design provides the advantage of minimising space during shipping. The whole construction of the bolted type cement silos is made of careful CNC laser cutting, with bending moulds being employed to give bent parts their final shape. The tolerance for the matching holes' sensitivity is extremely low.

    All of our cement silos manufacturer feature a maintenance platform in the space between the legs, a pipe for adding cement, inner and outer manholes, safety guards, roof flanges for air filters and pressure safety valves, a roof gate for the inner manhole, and cone flanges for butterfly valves.

    We frequently deliver our silos along with all other required cement silo equipment, including the desired diameter and length of cement screw conveyor, air dust filter, pressure safety valve, top and bottom level indicators, air fluidization nozzles, pulse valve, and cone butterfly valve for manual cement discharging, depending on the demands of our clients.