Tube Axial Fan Manufacturers,Suppliers,Exporters in India

Tube Axial Fan Manufacturers in India, Tube Axial Fan Suppliers in India, Tube Axial Fan Exporters in India

Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects are one of the leading Tube Axial Fan manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India. Tube axial fans are used in ducted and unducted commercial and industrial applications and are a less expensive option. Applications include general ventilation and process exhaust from warehouses or high-temperature manufacturing facilities that require spark resistance. Every model has built-in flanges for airtight duct connections, as well as universal mounting brackets for installation in any direction.

One of the popular types of industrial fans utilised today are axial fans in India. These fans are employed in situations where a higher flow rate at a lower pressure gain is necessary. Different axial fan or axial flow fan types have become more popular over time. One example of them is tube axial fans. These fans are utilised in a wide variety of industrial processes today, including drying, cooling, ventilation, and air delivery. These fans have gotten a lot of popularity due to the clear benefits provided by their conventional construction.

Specifications :

Company name Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects
Type Duct Mounted Fan, Wall Mounted Fan, V-Belt Driven Units
Nature Of Business Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters
Country of Origin Made in India
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Body Material Cast Iron

We are manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Tube Axial Fan in India. An industrial fan called a tube axial fan has a propeller or disk-shaped wheel inside of a cylindrical tube-like frame. The main difference between this fan and a vane axial fan, another common axial flow fan variation, is that the latter lacks straightening guide vanes. The arrangement of the wheels or propellers creates a narrow space between the housing and blade, which enhances the effectiveness of the fan.

  • Aeration
  • Aerial makeup
  • exhaust from a painting booth
  • vapour exhaust
  • cooling electrical machinery or delicate parts
  • ventilation in the engine room, processes, and generally
  • vaporised steam
  • Drying and tempering glass
  • components drying
  • grain drying
  • breathing polluted air streams
  • nautical services

We are well-known for tube axial fans manufacturers in India.In order to meet the needs of your application, we provide the tube axial in custom configurations. We also have other products range like Bag Filter systems, dust collector systems, In shop balancing, On site balancing.

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Tube Axial Fan Manufacturers in India, Tube Axial Fan Suppliers in India, Tube Axial Fan Exporters in India, Tube Axial Fan Manufacturers, Tube Axial Fan Suppliers, Tube Axial Fan Exporters