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We are leading Cement Silo Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India. Best Cement Silo Manufacturers in India offered by Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects.

Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects Cement Silo, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Pune, India, Maharashtra Cement Silos are used for making concrete and other building materials by storing the raw materials at high temperatures.

What is Cement Silo?

One of the most crucial components of the manufacturing process is the cement silo. It is a sizable device that mixes and stores cement. Concrete is created with cement and then employed in the construction industry and other sectors.

Wet, Dry, and submerged. Wet silos are the sort that are most frequently seen in new construction projects, while submerged silos are used in long-term storage applications. Cement Silo work is difficult and can often present serious safety risks to the workers involved. High Quality Cement Silo Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Pune,India,Maharashtra who provides its service to the construction industry of India. They are a leading manufacturer of cement silo in Pune and also have presence in other cities across India.

Cement Silo 3 Basic Functions :

Supplies, Storage, and Mixing. With the aid of an electronic sensor that keeps an eye on the supply valve, the supply function comprises taking raw materials and automatically sending them to the mixing process. It contains an automatic system that tracks weight variations in storage by figuring out how much material was loaded and removed and storing it using a quadratic equation. A preprogrammed control system regulates the speed of the mixture while it is being mixed at predetermined temperatures.

We also provide a range of services which includes complete engineering solutions for filtration, silos, collector system, extraction system, Our product range includes Bag Filters of various capacities and material,Fume Extraction System, Scrubber System, Cement Silo, Bag Filter System,Dust Collector System, Dust Extraction System,Ventilation System.

Technical Specification

Material Mild Steel
Surface Treatment Color Coated
Storage Capacity Depends on Silo capacity
Body Material Mild Steel
Storage Material Cement
Color As per site requirement

Everytime, as per our clients’ needs, we deliver our silos together with all other necessary cement silo equipment such as cement silo with the desired diameter & also length, air dust filter, pressure safety valve, top as well as bottom level indicators and air fluidization nozzles for manual cement discharging. In the case of using the silo for cement terminal or similar application, the screw conveyor can be connected to a loading below to charge the cement to cement trucks.

Cement silo must be built in a certain area, along with maintaining and loading it. The stability of the silo is essential because piece-by-piece construction necessitates a continuous supply of cement at various levels inside it over the course of the lengthy and ongoing operation. This can be accomplished manually or by operating a conveyor belt, both of which need advanced knowledge and abilities. Both major industrial facilities that need such products for production and small facilities that need comparable products for their own usage or other purposes are catered to by the market for this product.

With its latest plant, Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects became the largest cement silo manufacturers,suppliers and exporters in pune, India. Company also supports other industries such as steel, mining and engineering through their subsidiaries. MAHALAXMI ENGINEERING PROJECTS is Cement Silo is a manufacturer,suppliers and exporters of cement products in Pune, India. Today, Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects is considered as one of the leading cement silo manufacturers in India with a global reach across continents.