Bag Filter System

Bag Filter System Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India

We Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects are one of the best Bag Filter System Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India. Our products are widely used in different industries like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, etc., due to their low maintenance cost and best-quality standards. A Bag filter, often referred to as a fabric filter or a baghouse, is a dust removal device based on the filtration principle that removes dust from gas using filter cloth made of organic or inorganic fibres.

Product Specification :

Product Type Air Pollution Control
Nature Of Business Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters
Model/Type Silo - 100 Tones
Size/Dimension 3400 mm
Country of Origin Made in India
Thickness 5-6 mm
Capacity 100 Tones

Product Description:

We provide high-quality bag filter system manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in India, which are widely utilised in the boiler, furnace, chemical, and cement sectors. These bag filter system manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India are simple to modify to meet the needs of the customer and can easily capture dust. Our offers systems are the best in India.

The following standout qualities are present:
  • Dependable design
  • Highly resilient
  • Resistant to deterioration

Applications :

All types of dust can be captured by a bag filter due to its excellent adaptability and straightforward structure. The efficacy of fine dust removal can typically reach > 99 percent. The dust removal efficiency may even reach 99.9% if the filter material is well-designed, manufactured, and operated.

Working Principle of Our Bag Filter SystemManufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India :

When the device is in operation, dust with large particles and a high specific gravity settles down and falls into the dust hopper by gravity as dusty gas enters the middle box from the air intake. Lighter dust is trapped on the filter bag's surface as the gas containing it passes through, purifying and releasing the gas through the exhaust pipe. To achieve the goal of dust removal, the dust on the filter bags can be removed using mechanical shakers, reverse gas, or pulse jet methods. The performance and quality of the filter materials are directly related to the performance and service life of a bag filter, and the dedusting effectiveness of the bag filter system Manufacturers in India is inextricably linked to the filter materials.

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