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Cement Silo Manufacturers in Coimbatore, Cement Silo Suppliers in Coimbatore, Cement Silo Exporters in Coimbatore

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Cement Silo in Coimbatore. Various types of cement mixtures are stored and distributed in cement silos, which are on-site storage bins. These silos are available in a range of sizes, making them perfect for usage at various types of construction sites. A cement silo can be either a permanent building or a mobile unit that can be moved as needed. Similar to many other types of silos, the cement silo manufacturers in Coimbatore typically has some sort of blower to aid in the expulsion of the stored contents onto a truck or other container.

A closed storage silo called a cement silo is used to store bulk materials like grain, cement, flyash, etc. A material level system that can display the position and quantity of the material is installed in the cement silo manufacturers in Coimbatore. The hardness brought on by long-term material deposition can be eliminated by the hole breaking tool. Cement Silo manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Coimbatore. Materials can be moved to any position by combining a cement silo and a screw pump. This cement silo is dependable, safe, and simple to install. It is the perfect tank for bulk storage for different mixing stations.

Specification :

Brand/Company Mahalaxmi Engineering Projects
Nature Of Business Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters
Model/Type Silo - 100 Tones
Size/Dimension 3400 mm
Country of Origin Made in Coimbatore
Thickness 5-6 mm
Capacity 100 Tones

From 50 to 3.000 tonnes of storage capacity, We manufacturers cement silos of various sizes and types. Not only are cement silos used in concrete plants, but they are also employed for other independent projects such stocking projects for limestone powder, cement terminals, and cement factories.

The most seasoned we usually produces high-volume cement silos with capacities of 500, 1000, 2000, and 3.000 tonnes. In addition to our standard designs, our company also creates and manufactures custom cement silos with unique diameter and height measurements.

We Mahalaxmi Engineering Projectsare manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Cement Silo in Coimbatore.Cement silos up to 100 tonnes in capacity can be made, both welded and bolted. The majority of the time, cement silos with a capacity more than 100 tonnes are made as bolted types.

The bolted construction of the silos has the benefit of saving space during transportation.

The bolted type cement silos' whole construction consists of delicate CNC laser cutting, with bending moulds used to give bent parts their final shape. The sensitivity of the matching holes has a very low tolerance.

All of our cement silos have a maintenance platform between the legs, a pipe for filling the silos with cement, inner and outer manholes, safety guards, roof flanges for an air filter and a pressure safety valve, a roof gate for the inner manhole, and a cone flange for a butterfly valve. The majority of the time, depending on the requirements of our clients, we deliver our silos along with all other necessary cement silo equipment, including the desired diameter and length of cement screw conveyor, air dust filter, pressure safety valve, top and bottom level indicators, air fluidization nozzles, pulse valve, and cone butterfly valve for manual cement discharging. The screw conveyor can be connected to a loading below to charge the cement to cement trucks in the event that the silo is being used for a cement terminal or similar use.

Cement Silo Manufacturers in Coimbatore, Cement Silo Suppliers in Coimbatore, Cement Silo Exporters in Coimbatore, Cement Silo Manufacturers, Cement Silo Suppliers, Cement Silo Exporters

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